Map of Gor



Other Original Published Maps of Gor

Creating a new illustrated map of Gor from scratch involved research, and the study of other maps that were available.  Many other maps found online are mostly transformed into color or image manipulated from a copy of an original map.  During our research on the geography of Gor, we found four distinct major geographical interpretations on the land of Gor. These were created by Erhard Ringer, Marcus of Ar, Inukshuk and Xerxex.

These maps are all more than 10 years old.  Erhard Ringer's map can be found in print.  Original web sources for the maps for Marcus of Ar, Inukshuk and Xerxes are no longer accessible as of January 2017. A copy of these maps are intentionally included here to acknowledge its creators, to provide access to learners of Gor, and to help preserve what may be lost in the internet.

Map of Gor by Erhard Ringer, Heyne, 1977

Erhard Ringer 's map of Gor is a two part map that first appeared in John Norman's  German edition of Renegades of Gor entitled "DER VERRĂ„TER VON GOR" ,  Heyne, 1997. Ringer is a professional Austrian graphic artist known for his works in science fiction and fantasy particularly for maps of fictitious worlds including Earthsea, Pern and Dune.


Map of Gor by Marcus of Ar, online, 1997

Harris, Marcus. New Improved Map of Gor: Marcus of Ar Unofficial Map of Gor. Vers. 2.0. 1997. accessed November 28, 2010


Map of Gor by Inukshuk, 2003

Inukshuk. Maps of Gor. accessed 31 August 2010.


Jungles of Schendi and Southern Plains of Gor by Xerxex, 2004

Xerxex' map of the Jungles of Schendi and Southern Plains region was published in the webzine The Gorean Voice - January 2005 - Vol VII Issue 7 - #78, with an accompanying article entitled, ".  Xerxex is an eco-geography professional .

http://www.pantheus. com/ TGV/ archive122005/ TGV/maps.shtml accessed 2 October 2010.