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Koroban Kaverns                                                                    History and People of Koroban Kaverns 






"Ko-ro-ba lay in the midst of green and rolling hills, some hundreds of feet above the level of the distant Tamber Gulf and that mysterious body of water beyond it, spoken of in Gorean simply as Thassa, the Sea...

I thought my city to be truly the most beautiful, its variegated lofty cylinders rising so gently, so joyfully, among the calm, green hills. An ancient poet, who incredibly enough to the Gorean mind had sung of the glories of many of the cities of Gor, had spoken of Ko-ro-ba as the Towers of the Morning, and it is sometimes spoken of by that name."
(Outlaw of Gor, page 39)




Koroban Kaverns is the peaceful homestone of Saxus, the Slaver. It was constructed of the finest marble, standing tall and proud amongst the cylinders of Koroba. Regal tiles grace the floors, and elegantly woven tapestries adorn the grand walls. A fire in the enormous hearth produces a warming comfort. Tharlarion oil lamps, held in sconces of pewter, shed a golden glow on the walls for a mystical touch.


A large, exquisitely kept kitchen is to the main hall's far left. It is stocked with every desire of the Free. Beautiful, sensual kajirae work and serve from here with their heart's joy. The Grand Hall lies down the corridor and to the right of the kitchen. Here the Masters and Mistresses are catered to by the stunning kajirae that have come to be well known in the Kaverns. Centered in the golden dancing sands, stand four tall temwood poles that have felt the heated flesh of slaves as they writhe in eloquent sensuality for the pleasure of the Free.


Master Saxus' high pelts lay just to the North of the gleaming firelight allowing Him to survey over all that belongs to Him. Magnificent pelts are splayed throughout the massive room for other welcomed Guests to relax, or to watch a captivating dance or two. The alcoves are just off the Grand Hall, a large dwelling where trained pleasure slaves of Gor tend to the passionate desires of the Free...


The Kaverns welcomes everyone with open arms. The warmth of the fires is matched only by the heat of the kajirae, whose bellies and hearts burn with submission and devotion to a degree few can claim. Through these enthralling halls, you will hear laughter and happy voices of Free and slave, alike. Respect is demanded, and no harm or ill will shall be allowed, for Those who would smile and beckon you in to visit also can send you to the perils of hell for bringing damage to the peace bred within this Homestone.


We wish you safe travels and welcome rest when visiting our Home, Koroban Kaverns.




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