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Words from Mistress Ashaia

The Kaverns Enquirer, n.d., Serrene, site manager

There is one unifying element of the kajirae of the Kaverns. Ownership. You have each begged collar to serve a fine home. Your collar represents the work of more than 25 Ops who work together to create an environment that is safe, enjoyable, and warm. Your collar represents a choice made by Saxus, along with his counselors. Each one of you were chosen specifically for talents you had, a heart for service and a desire to work in this home. No one was collared by accident. Not one of you is a mistake. Every time you serve any, in the Kaverns or out traveling to other homes, you are serving Saxus. You are representing your home and the choice it made to claim you. There is no such thing as a perfect human therefore there is no such thing as a perfect kajira. You strive to do your best at all times, shine, and grow. It is what is expected of you while you are in that steel collar you wear. It is a deliberate action taken by the one who placed the steel. When you doubt yourself, remember this. When you think you’ve failed, remember these words. You are in a place where you belong. It isn’t an accident that you are here. There is no reason to hide in corners, compare yourself to other kajira, or consider all the reasons you’re not the most excellent you possible. Be yourself. Be at peace. You are well owned.

Saxus' Birthday Gift  March 2020

by enya{KK} 

added November 7, 2020

Adulterated version of "A  You're Adorable"

by Perry Como & Fontane Sisters, 1949

enya{KK}’s dark jasper brown eyes sparkle over brilliantly shining deep rose mauve rouged cheeks, impetuous watermelon lips roll smacking whispery kiss toward Master Saxus, Sunshine of her life as kajira of Gor... naughtily, tapered finger roll over lips slicking off lipcolor, slowly, red tipped fingertip paints areola into a deeper pink tracing in circles...

enya{KK}’s finger trails down smooth belly ending gently just on top of navel, sliding smooth silver chain gently lower still clasp kiss crimson silk over top peak of smooth venus ... velvety belly curves roll a first grind from hip and she slides off to the pit, expressive clear eyes smiling with glee as she sings for Master Saxus...

Master Saxus... may joy and happiness fill Your days.. Your enya wishes You good health, fortune and love..

enya{KK} looks across to Master Saxus, expressive gem eyes light up radiating life of the sun and softness of the moon whilst fingers pluck strings of un-tuned kalika, banjo of a ukalele pressed between smooth belly and ivory thigh... bright jolly siren voice croons through the hall...

~~~ When Lady Cane was serenading Saxus,

~~~ she sure could quote a lot of poetry,

~~~ But she'd much rather tell Him,

~~~ What she learned in Gor History,

~~~ When they both attended KK 101 for Free.

~~~ A, You're adorable . . .

<Saxus> in the past.. and in the future.. when I bring a woman into my house for the first time.. I make a point of caning her... it does have the effect of the poor soul working quite hard to avoid it in the future

~~~ B, You're so beautiful . . .

* Saxus sits in classic Gorean pose on his furs.. cross legged.. arms crossed high on his chest... lower lip pulled over his nose as he surveys the nearly empty pot of ale

~~~ C, You're a cutie full of charms . . .

* Saxus lays his hand upon Pooches thigh... and you could have it within you if you play your * Saxus ducks chuckling

~~~ D, You're a darling and . . .

* Saxus settles.. Pooches.. I'm a 103 today... a bj for every month if you would

~~~ E, You're exciting . . .

* Saxus drags the big wooden box into the middle of the room...

* Saxus turns the portrait of his dear momma to the wall (this ain't for oyur eyes

* Saxus ponders... and shrugs off his robes..

* Saxus climbs high on the box... pulls down his favourite hat... drops some bird seed on his dick.. and waits.. his hands on his hips...

* Saxus poses as a sparrow lands on his dick...

* ja`lyssa{Sax} claps her hands for her Master..

<ja`lyssa{Sax}> ohhh lyssa hopes it doesn't peck, my Master!

~~~ F, You're a feather in my arms . . .

* Saxus doffs his outrageously plumed hat... it has been said before...once or twice

~~~ G, You look good to me . . .

* Saxus wanders back in wearing his saints outfit and his halo stuck over his head by a bit of wire

~~~ H, You're so heavenly . . .

<Saxus> Nyre I liked.. mainly due to she was female... I do love women!

~~~ I, You're the one I idolize . . .

* Saxus measures pooches for her harness (you have no idea how much she loves this bit... but ducks anyway)

~~~ J, We're like Jack and Jill . . .

<Huge> Pooches did mention she wanted a timeshare thing with us though

~~~ K, You are so kiss-able . . .

* Saxus sweeps her into his arms and tickles her tonsils with his tongue before setting her straight up again

~~~ L, Is the love-light in your eyes . . .

<Saxus> Pooches... I was just thinking of you... ~~~ * Saxus points to his lap and his hat apparently rising

~~~ M, N, O, P . . .

* Saxus turns his eyes from the fullness of Pooches breasts... topped with a dark nipple.. (from memory here)... and.. and...

~~~ I could go on all day . . .


* Saxus places a cushion to his lap and watches it rise...

~~~ Q, R, S, T . . .

<Saxus> see.. I spend so much time chasing other Mens women.. I forget the niceities of life Bro...

~~~Goreanically speaking you're OK.

~~~ U, Made my life complete . .

<Saxus> I am... in fact.. I'm so good its almost illegal...

~~~ V, Means you're very sweet . . .

* Saxus grins... tell ya Grey... heaven... barmaid come over.. leaning on the table.. I said.. "scuse me.. yer tits are interfering with me cigar"

~~~ W, X, Y, Z . . .

~~~It's a wonderful journey to wander through, life with you ...

<Saxus> to take a girl is a two way street so to speak...I set boundaries only i can move... I talk to her.. get to know her... her fears.. needs and desires.. and i feed those aspects of her... and slowly she becomes an extension of me... my will if you like is her first and last thought..

~~~To tell . . .

~~~I mean . . .

~~~To tell you what you mean to me.

We love you, Master Saxus

Koroban Kaverns Gazette, 2004


Annual Events 2004

~ Annual Events ~

Come and celebrate the special times of the Home.



05 Master Savage's Birthday
26 Master Ty`nan's Birthday


06 Mistress Dia's Birthday
07 Master Z`ev collared rae{Z`ev} (2004)
14 rae{Z`ev}'s Birthday
23 Master Ty`nan collared ah`lana{Ty} (2003)
29 Master Saxus' Birthday


25 Master Ferro collared kamna{Fe} (2004)

02 ah`lana{Ty}'s Birthday
10 clarissa{Sax}'s Birthday
21 emily{KK}'s Birthday
22 Mistress Stormy_
27 Master Saltor's Birthday
29 Master Luke's Birthday

16 kai{Sav}'s Birthday


14 kamna{Fe}'s Birthday

15 Master Savage collared kai{Sav} (2003)

01 Master Saxus collared clarissa{Sax} (2001)

10 Mistress Wildflower's Birthday
19 Master Z`ev's Birthday
Master Ty`nan & Mistress Dia FC (2003)

Kaverns Kronicles, 2015

ja`lyssa{Sax}, site manager

Kaverns Kronicles, 2011

ja`lyssa{Sax}, site manager

written, compiled and edited by enya{KK}

Kajuralia, anyOne?

Kajuralia, a word of four syllables muttered under breath by many Free, perhaps heralded by slaves, but definitely a day of rejoicing, thrill, excitement or payback for the slaves of Koroban_Kaverns.

Historically, Kajuralia or "The Festival of Slaves is held in most Gorean cities (except Port Kar, where it is not celebrated at all) on the last day of the Twelfth Passage Hand (March 15th). In Ar, it is celebrated on the last day of the fifth month (August 12th), the day which precedes the Love Feast. On this day, slaves may take liberties which are otherwise not permitted them during the year. Including the drinking of wine and liquor, the freedom to roam at will (provided of course they do not attempt to escape from their owners permanently), the freedom to choose their own sexual partners and to couch with slaves of the opposite sex whom they find attractive, temporary suspension of all work and duties, and even the opportunity to play minor tricks and practical jokes upon freepersons. After the twentieth ahn, however, they are expected to be back in their respective kennels and slave quarters to resume the services required by their imbonded status."

Days have gone and passed and here is a glimpse of some of what transpired in KK during two Kajurlia themed nights, the real event date still held in suspense todate, perhaps, a relief for the old knowing Masters, but still yet a day of thrill for the unknowing Ones, or the fun loving slaves of KK.

March 27, 2011

[09:00] <Saxus> tonight is Kajuralia... so expect... whatever is to come...

[09:27] <Falaria> Oh good grief, is that what I walked into??

[10:49] <Adifinitum-manah> Saxus is available for everything and remeber he has No limits !


Pay Back!

<Adifinitum> yes j`manah ?

<j`manah{KK}> come kneel here please

* j`manah{KK} wipes the stones in front of her with a evil grin

* Adifinitum kneels down

* Adifinitum presents j`manah her drink

* j`manah{KK} pushes his thighs wide apart with a pointed foot as she giggles and licks her lips, looking up to him, a smile shadow of fear crossing her exotic face as she wonders how far she can push him...

* j`manah{KK} takes it from him grazing his fingers

<j`manah{KK}> thank you Master

<j`manah{KK}> you can go see to sapphire now

* Adifinitum stands as I backs away and spins around and heads to sapphire

* j`manah{KK} drinks deeply and suddenly chokes as she feels the burn of the potent drink

<j`manah{KK}> hate to see him go but love to watch him leave

* j`manah{KK} sighsssssss

<Adifinitum> how may I serve you this day sapphire ?

<sapphire{KK}> has waited along time for this day.. well Master, seems all the girls took a poll and would love to see a dance

<Adifinitum> d....a.....n......c.......e

<Saxus> fire dance Dragon

<Saxus> hehehehehe

<Adifinitum> LOL

<Adifinitum> I can try to dance

<Saxus> flaps those cwazy wings Bro

<Adifinitum> may I have 3 years to prep sapphire

* sapphire{KK} laughs

<sapphire{KK}> can have 3 minutes

* Adifinitum moves to the sands ever so slowly

* j`manah{KK} watches the tail sweep the white dancing sands and squirms to get a better view

* littlewing hands Master Dragon a TuTu

* j`manah{KK} laughssssss

<val{}e> we need soemthing to throw at a dance

* Adifinitum pulls the pole out of the sands as I kneels down and pulls My tail around before Me as I hears the drums begin to beat

[09:18] * sapphire{KK} watches Master Dragon

* j`manah{KK} turns to the sands mesmorized

* j`manah{KK} peeks to the kitchen and shudders before turning back to watch Master Adifinitum's dance

* Adifinitum unfolds My Wings as I whips My tail behind Me causing the sand to be sent flying into the air as I spins around , and I twirls the pole over head as I stumps My feet t the beating of the drums a soft calling as the flutes chime in and I buffs My Wings

* Adifinitum body ripples as the beating of the drums force Me to move along to the beats My wings move with the sounds of the flutes as I spins and Breaths fire into the night sky as I leaps into the air and lands causing the sands to leap into the air as I whips My tail around Me sending the sands towards the kitchen and I kneels down and looks too sapphire , as the drums fade

* Jungle_Trader watches Adifinitum, hoping he doesn't breath out, catching his clothes on fire...

<pippa{BSH}> Master Adifinitum...didn't You see the ginger ...please redo Your dance

<Adifinitum> pippa{BSH} what ginger root ... sapphire asked Me to dance

* j`manah{KK} bleats out laughter hearing pippa

<val{}e> but we wanna see heat

<val{}e> real heat

<pippa{BSH}> [17:19] * +pippa{BSH} chuckling to find Master Dragon in the pit she tosses in a chuink of ginger, calls out... consensus says You'll be needing this Master, please incorporaste it into Your dance

<j`manah{KK}> oh pay attention Master Dragon

<pippa{BSH}> Master Adifinitum...You really need to pay closer attention...

<Adifinitum> I'll have to talk with a Keeper about that pippa{BSH} as I need to keep My focus on the one I am serving

<j`manah{KK}> we would have you write an essay Master....but then we would just loose your service and WE don't want that

<sapphire{KK}> You can rest now Master Dragon

* Adifinitum wiggles My tail as the bell chimes


* pippa{BSH} coughs, begins to choke, near dying of thirst...a girl never knew KK was a desert!

[09:31] <Chenoa> ;ololol

[09:31] * zahra{KK} laughs

[09:31] <Chenoa> lol

[09:32] * enya{KK} laughs at pippa!!!


Short and Precise

* SSS fetches the golet and moseys over towards sapphire and holds the goblet out, and waits, darting his gaze down towards her and smirks "Yanno I should pour this onto you since you didn't specify what you wanted the blackwine in, but I'll be nice.."

<sapphire{KK}> umm but Master SSS it is Your responsibilty to ask if You dont know


Killer Dance

* AAA wanders over to pippa

<AAA> something on your mind pippa?

* Saxus pokes AAA with the pointy stick

<Saxus> its legal bRO

* AAA chuckles

<AAA> ok

* AAA assumes the display position, black eyes focused on the one commanding him, breathing quietly.

<pippa{BSH}> Master in KK we like some description please...not too flowery but without doubt the girls would all like to know more of what hides behind the cloak

* pippa{BSH} locks steel grey eyes upon the Master AAA, intent, focused..she says not a word

* AAA resumes the display position, flexing his muscles, his lean five foot ten inch frame, weighing in at 180 pounds tight with military training, carried on for years, chest full, stomach thin and lean, legs muscular from running.

<Willow`> Yanno AAA I so hate to see such a fine display wasted ... coughs and merely flushes shaking head, biting tongue and looks out seeking the cold chill of the night to look at!

* AAA chuckles

<AAA> As long as you are pleased Willow

* AAA chuckles, and returns to lean against the wall, near the master furs, ready for use.

* gala{KK} peeks at Master AAA, longing to see a Freestyle dance about what live as an AAA is

* AAA chuckles at gala, not exactly hearing a command yet.

* gala{KK} grinss softly

<AAA> Tal, Ivory

<Ivory> Tal Killer.

<gala{KK}> Master AAA, we girls are rather interrested in the life of a Gorean AAA.. please dance for us about the live of a AAA on Gor

* AAA thinks a minut

<AAA> yes gala

<gala{KK}> good Master

* gala{KK} giggles softly

* AAA moves quietly and quickly to the center of the floor.

<AAA> how many posts, slave galadriel?

<gala{KK}> at least 6 Master AAA, if they are shorter then 3 lines then 8

<AAA> yes slave

<enya{KK}> ohh dance on the life of an AAA! ohhhh hooo

AAA is thrown into the center of the room, it is dark, with only a small ray of light, the young boys eyes, still blinded by the blinding sun of the Tahari wasteland, thrown into the pits of Ar, alone, naked, young, shivering a bit against the cold, his black eyes seeking any opening, any escape, seeing none, he draws into himself.

AAA moves, quietly, feeling the cold metal under his hand as he searches the sandpit floor, hearing the other door opening, knowing what is happening, seeing his counterpart, naked, in the middle of the sand pit, as the two young men dance their dance of training and death, in preparation to bear the name Kille.

AAA movements suddenly fast, he dances around, behind, under his opponent, the two bodies sweating profusely as they grapple, finding purchase, knowing that two AAA's enter to do this dance, and that only one will remain standing at the end of the dance.

AAA the two hard bodies slip against each other in the middle of the room, tender dark slices piercing the skin, causing rivulets of claret to interwine with the sweat, the soft grunts as each strikes, cutting, bleeding, dancing to the sound of life, each move a sinuous dark display of the choreography of death and accomplishment.

AAA the two lock in the middle of the dance, one knife, one AAA, two bodies vieing to be the victor, then seemingly in anticipation, he slips his foot lightly behind the leg of his brother, the man he has lived with since being taken from the Tahari wasteland, the man he has eaten with, trained with, slept with, learned to kill with, locked in the final mortal death of the black caste.

AAA stands, quietly, arm around the throat of his partner, feeling the blade slip into his neck, feeling the blood drip slowly down, to the pit, drip, drip, drip, in time with some ancient rythym that boils within his soul, letting the body of his training partner slip to his feet, standing, breathing heavy, black eyes taking in everyone, to settle to the one who commanded his dance,

whispering quietly,  am AAA.

* gala{KK} rises and applauds for the beautifull dance

* j`manah{KK} stands and whistles as she stomps her feet for Master AAA

* AAA smiles bit, chuckling

<enya{KK}> woohoo!!!!!! bravo! Master AAA!!!!

<j`manah{KK}> good job Master


Alcoving the Dragon

<zahra{KK}> Then let's have a 500 word essay on how to focus singularly on the one you serve. You are dismissed.

<j`manah{KK}> maybe Master Adifinitum should put -manah after his name to keep you wenches off him for a bit?

<zahra{KK}> Oh, and no ginger root for one week!

<gala{KK}> haha

<j`manah{KK}> oh that is perfectly unfair

* j`manah{KK} chuckles

<Saxus> <Adifinitum> Oh I am Not doing an essay !

<Saxus> kajira.. a suitable punishment

* Saxus cracks up

* Adifinitum looks at j`manah

* j`manah{KK} smiles to Master Adifinitum

* Saxus chuckles

* Adifinitum swats Saxus

<Adifinitum> tattltail

<j`manah{KK}> oh heck no slave wine for him

<j`manah{KK}> pfffttt like so not gonna fix him

<j`manah{KK}> so he can lounge all day on furs and eat chocolate cherries?

*** Adifinitum is now known as Adifinitum-manah

* j`manah{KK} hugs val and turns to smile at Master Dragon

* j`manah{KK} looks down to her lap

<j`manah{KK}> oooooooooooo always wanted a pet Dragon

* Saxus grins... remember to put him out at night j`manah{KK}...

<Adifinitum-manah> <Saxus> i want to give all of my money away

* ja`lyssa{Sax} watches Master faint

* j`manah{KK} stands and takes a step over the prone Dragon

<j`manah{KK}> up Master and show this girl the way to the red canvas

* Adifinitum-manah looks up to j`manah

* Adifinitum-manah walks into the cave

* j`manah{KK} grins and with an impatient sweep of her hands ushers him to the alcove

<j`manah{KK}> oh and.....

<j`manah{KK}> when you are done with manah you may offer please the others twice

*** Adifinitum-manah is now known as Adifinitum-manah-alc

<bellla> lol

* zahra{KK} looks at the Cave and chuckles.

* gala{KK} grinns softly never knew a Dragon could get pale

* val{}e ponders as peeks to Master AAA

* AAA laughs, enjoying his water and the evening's festivities

<Adifinitum-manah-alc> I might have too use My tail

<bellla> lol

<j`manah{KK}> might??

* j`manah{KK} laughs

*** Adifinitum-manah-alc is now known as Adifinitum-alc


Master Saxus

Lots more went on and thanks to sporty Free, it was a fun-filled night at KK. Just in case you might be wondering what Master Saxus did? Here's a snap shot of the ever chic and cool Master Slaver of all times!

[09:03] * Saxus guards his pot of ale

[09:05] * Saxus laughs listening

[09:07] <Saxus> and I do say...

[09:07] * Saxus pokes Nyx with the pointy stick... hokie cokie when you get back

[09:08] * Saxus grins. bad move Fang... I on the other hand am extremely busy

[09:11] <Saxus> fire dance Dragon

[09:12] * Saxus grins. I'm gonna be rich I tells ya

[09:14] * Saxus looks up from his papers...

[09:15] <Saxus> I am extremely busy j`manah{KK}...

[09:15] * Saxus grins

[09:19] * Saxus glances.. Kadee apears to be free

[09:19] <Saxus> ahh Jungle_Trader is available for service

[09:19] * Saxus chuckles

[09:23] <Saxus> Tal Falaria... just in time

[09:26] * Saxus looks at the list... Chen is avialable for the hokie cokie

[09:27] <Saxus> Falaria.. does a fine juggling act ( with impressions)

[09:29] <Saxus> I'm extremely busy.. (points to the sign that says "Saxus is extremely busy")

[09:33] * Saxus looks up the list..

[09:33] <Saxus> Willow` is available for pole dancing

[09:34] <Saxus> Aslan is available for a strip tease

[09:37] * Saxus watches... Chanele is available .. for anything

[09:39] * Saxus stands on the chair he stole...

[09:39] <Saxus> Willow is available for alcove (fems only)

[09:40] * Saxus gets the video rights

[09:43] * Saxus ponders...

[09:44] * Saxus rises and ties a burning log to Dragons tail...

[09:44] <Saxus> that should encourage him

[09:44] * Saxus pokes Whitt... faster!

[09:44] * Saxus waves his new whip

[09:45] * Saxus sees who else is available

[09:46] <Saxus> Aslan... yer in the sande next...

[09:47] <Saxus> Rosie... apparently.. your to do the dishes

[09:48] * Saxus tosses Rosie a cloth..

[10:04] * Saxus pokes AAA with the pointy stick

[10:06] <Saxus> Rosie.. Dishes!

[10:32] * Saxus cracks up

[10:35] <Saxus> kajira.. tis said.. Midnightt does a fine body serve...

[10:39] <Saxus> <Midnightt> I've been practising my body serve

[10:41] <Saxus> 4Jiriya is avavilable for service

[10:41] <Saxus> but your here now and theres no escape.. for your dignity at least

[10:44] * Saxus looks to his list

[10:48] <Saxus> Willow is available for mostly anything

[10:49] <Saxus> Teria does a mean two step

[10:49] <Saxus> Raisten makes a good pillow

*** Saxus ([email protected] Quit (Ping timeout)

"Saxus is extremely busy"



Three Blind Mice

Saxus, Z`ev and Savage

(probably around 2004, from

* Saxus smiles.. ava.. if you had one wish what would it be

* sciava{KK} ponders the question as she takes in a deep breath, as she puts her words clearly in her thoughts.

* Dahra listens for sciava's wish.
<Saxus> and if its me in a damned tutu... you'll find yourself in Gor whore for a month
<Dahra> lol
* kai{Sav} giggles
<sciava{KK}> she would wish to have Master Saxus, Master Savage and Master Z`ev to get up on a stage and sing three blind mice blind folded acting out the song
* Z`ev blinks looking to sciava{KK} wondering what in the hell is going on
* Savage raises a brow
* Saxus looks to ava..
<Saxus> your sure?
* kamna{Fe} laughs and claps and whistles
<Dahra> lol
<Z`ev> now hold it sciava{KK}   just hold one cotton picking min
<Dahra> lol
* Saxus looks for the words... mice you say
<Z`ev> is it your birthday or something?
* kai{Sav} giggles
* Savage kisses kai and sets her down, walks up on stage and puts the blindfold on
* kai{Sav} purrrrrrrrsssssssss into the kiss, then leans up on knees to watch her Master, grinning brightly
<Z`ev> im just lost here sciava{KK}   :(   as fuckign usuall   but none the less lost   is it your bday sciava{KK}?
* Savage cant see a damn thing with the blindfold on but wanders around slowly anyway
<sciava{KK}> it was...they were busy on her birthday so they told her she would do it another night.
* kai{Sav} whispers out softly to Master, so He can tell where the edge of the stage is
<Dahra> hmmm
* gabrielle{KK} gropes Master Savage,.. says,.. hey kai!!!!!!.. and runs off ; )
<Z`ev> ok now i understand slut and fer thsi you are getting one hell of a ass whipping slut sciava{KK}   :)~~~~
<kai{Sav}> lol gabi
* kai{Sav} secretly hopes they get to keep that blindfold for after
* Z`ev stands with a deep groan eyeing sciava{KK} and her ass with a wink then meanders to the damn stage still lost but damn that is normal and picks up a blindfold thinking in the dark works just as well as lost
<LdyCane> lol kai
* kai{Sav} grins wickedly to Mistress Cane......what?
* Saxus grins.. hold on ava...
* sciava{KK} gazes at all the little tools she could be holding on to
* Savage bumps into a wall and mutters about the damn blindfold
* kai{Sav} eeps
<ah`lana{Ty}> 12,11 readies the spot lights and stage for Master Sav, Master Sax and Master Z`ev
<sciava{KK}> ohhhhhhhh thank you lana
* Saxus borrows one of Ty's hoods and pulls it on backwards
* gabrielle{KK} looks on in amusement
* lisha{KK} peeks up and wonders why Master Savage is running around with a blindfold.
* kai{Sav} giggles
<Savage> hood? I coulda wore My hood??
* ah`lana{Ty} makes sure all three MICE are well blindfolded and grins to the audience, stepping down
<LdyCane> OMG it's Tynan!!!!!!!
* Z`ev groans once more eyeing sciava{KK} harder then slips the blindfold on a hand grasping the wall so wont fall over
* Saxus bumps into kai.. his hands feeling her.. damn I'd know those nipples anywhere
* kai{Sav} purrrrrrssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
<ah`lana{Ty}> quiet please... quiet... the show is about to begin :)
<LdyCane> LOL
<ah`lana{Ty}> happy belated ava ;)
<Saxus> know... we have two versions
* kai{Sav} dampens the furs
<Dahra> lol kai
* LdyCane tosses kai a towel
<ah`lana{Ty}> does Master Sav know she is drinking His ale??? *s*
* kai{Sav} catches the towel and lays it with the others, laughing softly
* Saxus slips as he passes kai... hood, ass and arms flailing
* sciava{KK} giggles watching kai
* kai{Sav} squeeks and catches Master Saxus
* lisha{KK} can barely see kai over the mound of towels.
<LdyCane> ohhhhhhhhh someone needs to give Saxus mouth to mouth!
<Saxus> Sav!.. that girl oughta have a flood warning on her
<sciava{KK}> ack......great catch kai!
* kai{Sav} blushes hot
<Dahra> lol
<ah`lana{Ty}> lisha!
<ah`lana{Ty}> hi sis ;)
<kai{Sav}> she does Master Saxus!...Master warns people all the time!
<Savage> she has a wet vac to keep most of the moisture off the floor Bro
* Saxus stands and waits for his blind partners
<lisha{KK}> Hi sis! :))
<kai{Sav}> omg!
<kai{Sav}> Master!
<ah`lana{Ty}> on three Meeseys.... ready?????
<ah`lana{Ty}> 1
<ah`lana{Ty}> 2
* ah`lana{Ty} grins
<Saxus> erm... it in that red thing Bro?
* Z`ev puts an ass to the wall standing still so i wont get slapped this nite by grasping certain parts of some of these cantankerous FW
<ah`lana{Ty}> THREE
<LdyCane> rofl Z`ev
<Savage> three blind mice
<Saxus> that a wet vac... shit I've been making my morning tea outta that
<kai{Sav}> LOL
<Dahra> lol
<lisha{KK}> lol
* Saxus wanders about his arms out front...
* Savage punches the other 2 so They'll sing
* kai{Sav} giggggggggles til she falls over
* LdyCane howls
<gabrielle{KK}> lol
* Saxus feels Savage and Z`ev... (one has two ears the other just one)
* Z`ev growls feeling the punch preferring softer things.......three fucking blind mice
<arianne{KK}> can somebody telling ari who let Satan in here!!?? oh wait, that Master Z`ev growling...well He just as mean when He in pissy mood! run run runn..get outta ari's way!
<Dahra> lol
<Savage> three blind mice......three horny Masters..ermm...three blind mice
* Saxus squeezes Z`ev's nuts so he sings soprano
<LdyCane> roflllllllllll ari
* kai{Sav} perks.......kai heard horny!
<Saxus> threee blind micesssssssssss
* Z`ev squeaks feeling the sudden grasp eeeking out....see how the blind fuckers runnnnnnnnnnnn
<Savage> three blind mice...see how they run...*ponders that and runs in place
<ah`lana{Ty}> lol
* Saxus feels the wall for a sword cuz apparently I gotta chop of a tail
<sciava{KK}> lol
* lisha{KK} wonders if the song goes...Three Horny Master, see how they cummmmmm....They all ran after the FW, Who cut off Their balls with a butcher knife...see how they don't cummmmmmmmmm....
* kai{Sav} laughs til tears form in her eyes
* ah`lana{Ty} ohhhhhhs
<ah`lana{Ty}> that ain't no sword Master ;)
* Saxus pulls one down and swings it about
* gabrielle{KK} laughs so loud,.. tears streaming from both eyes
<Saxus> three blind micesssssssssss
* LdyCane glares at lisha
<LdyCane> LOL
<LdyCane> lol you are so bad lisha
* ah`lana{Ty} is standing far too close to the stage and ducks as the sword swoops by
<Savage> They all ran after the farmer's wife
* kai{Sav} eeps as the sword swings
* lisha{KK} bites the inside of her cheeks to keep from
giggling...winks at Mistress.
* sciava{KK} giggles watching the Master
<Savage> wait...was she cute?
<kai{Sav}> LOL
* Z`ev ducks feeling the wind of somethign flailing in the air squeeking agin....they all ran after the farmers slut
<Saxus> see how they run (prods Savage's butt with the sword...) run Bro its in the script
<Saxus> see how they runnnnnnnnnn
* sciava{KK} laughs watching Master Saxus poke Master Savage
<sciava{KK}> lol
<LdyCane> I can't breathe
* kai{Sav} giggles harder watching Them
<lisha{KK}> Greetings, Master Eps`ilon.
* Saxus prods Z`ev...

<ah`lana{Ty}> lol
<lisha{KK}> lol
* kai{Sav} squeeeeeeeeels and falls over
* Z`ev jumps grabbing something soft and firm feeling the sudden prod....hey i do the poking i dont get poked :)~~
* sciava{KK} laughs and falls over laughing
* LdyCane pounds the floor
<ah`lana{Ty}> LOL
<Wildflower_> LOL
<Saxus> they all ran after the slavers wife....
* gabrielle{KK} giggles and rolls over in the furs
<ah`lana{Ty}> who knew He was married??? *s*
* Savage punches Sax...we're past that part Bro
* Saxus grins and peeks under his hood... seeing Z`ev's ass he gives it a good prod with the sword
<ah`lana{Ty}> ROFL
* sciava{KK} laughs and laughs and laughs.......
<Dahra> lol
* lisha{KK} laughs!!
* kai{Sav} bursts into another fit of laughter
* Saxus turns over the page... how can I read with no eyes
<Dahra> lol
<Savage> did you ever see such a sight in your life....3 blind micessssss
* sciava{KK} watches Master Z`ev go seeking the wall again......finds the .... and the girl went weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
<ah`lana{Ty}> lolol
<Saxus> thresssssssss blind micesssssssssssss.... ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
* Saxus drop to one knee
* Z`ev jumps agin spinning at the second damnit i do the prodding not getting the prodding
* kai{Sav} claps and claps, howling with laughter
<Dahra> woooo hooooooooooo!!!
* Saxus pulls off the hood and bows
* sciava{KK} claps her hands wooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooo
* ah`lana{Ty} claps, laughing with her cheeks wet from tears of laughter
* LdyCane stands......... applauding loudly!!!!!!!!!!
* Savage goes to take a bow and falls off the stage
<ah`lana{Ty}> bravo!!! bravo!!!!
* gabrielle{KK} shakes the bells on her right foot,.. clapping and wiping the tears streaming down both cheeks
<Z`ev> hey she did cut off tails and not balls right?  
<Dahra> encore!!!!
* ah`lana{Ty} cuts the lights and laughs and laughs
<gabrielle{KK}> omg,... awesome  ; )
* lisha{KK} laughs as she claps loudly!!!!
* LdyCane steps out of Savage's way
* kamna{Fe} laughs and claps ...yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
<Dahra> lol
* kai{Sav} quickly shoots under Him, blocking His fall.......ooooooomph
<ah`lana{Ty}> happy belated ava ;)
<sciava{KK}> thank you lana sweetie
<ah`lana{Ty}> *s*
* Savage pulls off the blindfold and looks around.....where's the cheese!!!!!!!
* ah`lana{Ty} nabs Master's hood back with a grin
* Z`ev lifts the hood eyes scanning the Home then starts for the lil slut sciava{KK} with a purpose now
<Saxus> you know Z`ev.. Savage.. I think we could get a PK nomination for that
* kai{Sav} squeeks under Him
<ah`lana{Ty}> kai's got it for You, Master *s*
<lisha{KK}> LOL
<kamna{Fe}> run ava run! lol
* sciava{KK} runs as fast away as she can
<sciava{KK}> run run run as she goes
<kai{Sav}> lolol
<LdyCane> oh and sciava....... Z`ev got prodded twice
<Dahra> lol
<ah`lana{Ty}> lol
<LdyCane> did I say...... TWICE!
<ah`lana{Ty}> at least! lol
<kamna{Fe}> but did he like it? ;)
* Marlenus chuckles
<ah`lana{Ty}> LOL kammmmmmmmm
<gabrielle{KK}> payback is a what ava, sis??
* Savage sits back down on His furs and shakes His head
<Wildflower_> I think he loved it.
* Wildflower_ laughs
* Z`ev starts after the lil ornery slut then slips over some spilled paga flailing all over the damn floor
<Wildflower_> I know I loved it.  
* sciava{KK} giggles...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh giggles....and wiggles her ass as she runs around the Master as fast as she can
* kai{Sav} slithers back up onto His lap
<Dahra> perfect :)
* Saxus looks to Sav... wheres the dignity I ask you
* ah`lana{Ty} loves her home *s*
* kai{Sav} oh so helpfully takes the blindfold from Master, tucking it away...hehehe
* Saxus grins.. how come we always get the smallest portions
* Z`ev grrrr's watching sciava{KK} standing agin lookign about then meandering back to my furs writing this one down then winking to the naughty sciava{KK} :)
<ah`lana{Ty}> lol kai
<ah`lana{Ty}> lana got the hood ;)
<kai{Sav}> lol lana

The Kaverns Enquirer, 2003
Serrene, site manager

Chicken Dance by Master Saxus

If anyone has a record of this famous and infamous dance, kindly share it with us! 

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Koroban Kaverns Gazette, n.d.


Let those who can climb mountains climb them; let those who cannot climb them console themselves with denying their existence.

Rogue of Gor - Page 19

dari`na{KK}: ok, so how long have You been in Gor Master?
Saxus: 5- 6 years dari... I stumbled on it quite by accident when I was travelling
dari`na: what made You stay, Master?
Saxus smiles.. because it fitted me like a well tailored suit dari...its what I know, except for Tarns that is
dari`na{KK} smiles knowing that feeling
dari`na{KK}: how did You build the Kaverns Master?
Saxus grins.. I didn't, it was given to me by a FW .. she became its first kajira, it was born on the old tiedsex server... then it moved to Ausnet... and then here
dari`na{KK}interview giggles
*Saxus winks to her
*Saxus chuckles.. what else could I become my girl.. i'm hardly scribe material...
dari`na{KK}: what is Your most treasured memory in KK Master?
Saxus: there have been so many baby...
dari`na{KK}: well then just start telling them Master
dari`na{KK}: we have a whole page to fill
Saxus: for on the whole its been a good home
Saxus: bringing clari back was one for sure...and perhaps with each new girl that takes collar here a new chapter opens..
Saxus: and some of the people... far to many to remember...
Saxus: you know I used to share the Kaverns with a Panther?
Saxus: Xylona
dari`na{KK}: what happened there Master?
Saxus: we parted ... badly
dari`na{KK}: =o(
Saxus: the keepers I had then were not a lot of good... and she'd always wanted her own place, so they left the Kaverns
Saxus: I took the channel back... took her off everything and banned them... so had to begin again
dari`na{KK}: so lots of ups and downs over the years..........and not all the good kind either huh?
Saxus chuckles... lots of ups and downs love... sometimes KK was healthy.. at other times it was barely surviving
dari`na{KK}: dari remembers one low in the last year, Master

~~dari note ~~ this is where the first interview ended ~~

dari`na{KK}: how long have You been in Gor Master Ty`nan, Mistress Dia?
Ty`nan: hm, over 7 years now
Dia: About 8 years or so, dari.
dari`na{KK}: how did You find gor?
Ty`nan: it found Me
Dia: I stumbled into it.
dari`na{KK}: explain please......Both of You
Ty`nan: damn
Dia: Well, I had been on efnet and undernet and went into a gorean room now and then....
Ty`nan: I was already living the life rl, though it was not called Gor. some RL Brothers found it online and brought Me into it
Dia: After a time it gets under your skin on in your blood... eventually I never went in any other rooms but gorean ones.
dari`na{KK}: how did You find KK?
Ty`nan: I have known Saxus for years, We used to run the roads together. We lost touch for a while and then Silver^Hawk stumbled on to Him and I came to catch up on old times. My Klan had all gone back to rl and I ended up staying and making KK My resting place, My first "home".
Dia: Well, I use to have a channel on here along with Wanderer and DarkWolfStalker.
Dia: There were others involved too - the channel split and basically I followed Wanderer and DWS into KK. :)
Dia: I never left!
dari`na{KK}: what is Your most treasured moment in KK to date
Dia: My FC. :)
* Ty`afk grins
*Ty`nan pats His woman's thigh
* Dia smiles and snuggles against him.
Ty`nan: hm
Ty`nan: treasured moment
Ty`nan: Men have those?
Dia: lol
Dia: Sometimes, I think?
dari`na{KK}: memorable?
dari`na{KK}: ummmmmmm
Dia: That really was a feminine question, huh?
dari`na{KK}: Master Saxus answered it
Ty`nan: mhm
* dari`na{KK} looks around
Ty`nan: He has a heart
*Ty`nan smirks
Ty`nan: let's see
* Dia slides her hand in Ty's cloak.
Dia: You have one too!
Dia: dari, I know his. The night he sang Barry Manilow!
dari`na{KK}: ok, Master, of all Your time spent in KK, what is the one that comes to mind the quickest, the one that makes You kinda smile, maybe make You feel like You don't wanna gutt dari for asking
*Ty`nan laughs
dari`na{KK}: lol Mistress, dari missed that, maybe You could find it for the gazette?
Ty`nan: I think perhaps...
Dia: I am sure I could. :)
Dia: But, I want to live!
Ty`nan: the day that I realized I could and did have family outside of the Black Caste
dari`na{KK}: lol Mistress
Ty`nan: that's as mushy as it gets slut, move on
* Dia grins.
dari`na{KK}: yes Master
* dari`na{KK} wipes her brow and looks down, seeing she's in one piece still
dari`na{KK}: ok, over the years, dari knows there have been many ups and downs within KK, what made You All (Master Saxus too) not throw up Your hands and walk away?
* Saxus smiles... the people dari
Ty`nan: the family
Dia: Family. :)
* dari`na{KK} smiles softly
Saxus: for every bad one I've met, I've made a dozen friends
Saxus: but on that note... I did leave for a time
Saxus: I was away for some 8 or nine months
* Dia listens.
* dari`na{KK} waits for the story
Saxus: KK was relatively small then, but still healthy,
Saxus: I've had a number of persoanl beasts...
Saxus: mea'capella... te`lena... they stand out for differing reasons.... both were shall we say not as good as they should have been
Saxus: my reasons are personal ones and not for the public, but after those two I had to question the validity of some who came as kajira...
dari`na{KK}: and You left for 8-9 months?
Saxus: lies hit me badly dari, and the disappointment in some who you have placed trust can sting a little
* dari`na{KK} knowingly nods, thinking of her own past
Saxus: so one night... I simply left for a while, I knew it was not going to be forever, but some time away was needed
Saxus: no long goodbyes or farewells...just gone
Dia: That is difficult about this medium at times.
Saxus: Now when I came back!
Dia: Someone just disappearing.
Saxus: I shared KK with a Panther... and she had changed the pw... and refused to hand it back... the bugger!
dari`na{KK}: the Panther You started to tell dari about before Master?
Saxus: yep Xylona..
dari`na{KK}: You obviously got it back from Her Master
Saxus: it was dead and whilst she had it I wouldn't enter it....
Saxus: so after a while she handed it back, her resons were she was ensuring it was safe
dari`na{KK}: Master Ty`nan and Mistress Dia, how long have You been in KK?
Ty`nan: sept was a year
Ty`nan: so what 16 months?
Dia: I am not sure, dari.
dari`na{KK}: yes Master 16 months
Dia: Over a year.
Saxus: but dari...
dari`na{KK}: yes Master?
Saxus: before I left I was talking to a FW.... The Lady Arianne
Saxus: she brought me back...
* Saxus smiles.. you know her well enough as clarissa
dari`na{KK}: may dari ask how She did that?
Ty`nan: damnn
Saxus: quite simply... she was in my head
* Dia smiles.
* dari`na{KK} smiles
Saxus: my memorable moment.. or one of them... bringing her to KK as clarissa
Saxus: you know something
* Dia listens.
Saxus: we hold the record for having so many Goreans in one place
Saxus: the first festival we held...
Saxus: not sure now if it was 106 or 116
Saxus: clari will know I think.. she collects this stuff
dari`na{KK}: Mistress Dia wants to know if You knew Lady Ari/clari would one day be Your slave
* Saxus chuckles.. I always knew, I don't think it was on her mind right away
* Dia laughs.
dari`na{KK}: hmmmmmmm how do You do Any of You know when that other Oone is right, is "the one"
Saxus: we don't... we make a choice and go with it until it proves false dari
dari`na{KK}: the choice to trust?
Saxus: mea I thought was the one, she proved to be a faithless slut... te`lena was the one, but she must have been a relative of mea's
dari`na{KK}: the trust to try?
* Saxus smiles... you simply try
* Dia grins.
* dari`na{KK} takes a deep breath, smiling softly............ok, ummmmmmmmm Master Ty`nan, Master Saxus..........Who's hotter, wilma or betty?
* Dia laughs!
Saxus: well I like betty
Dia: Ginger or Marianne?
*Ty`nan laughs
*Ty`nan smirks..Wilma
Ty`nan: ginger of course
*Ty`nan smirks
dari`na{KK}: hey, dari coulda asked if You thought bugs was cute as a girl bunny
Dia: lol
Dia: Wilma was pushy!
* dari`na{KK} makes a mental more waynes world
dari`na{KK}: what makes All Three of You worthy, for some poor slave like dari? why is it that she can walk into a Home like KK, jumping at her own shadow most of the time, and You make her trust You All
Saxus: perhaps because we've never lied to you dari... as you said, trust is everything
Dia: Well, none of us have any intent to harm people on here, dari.
Saxus: ponders...
Saxus: what makes KK different...
Ty`nan: I am who I am, like it or not. I don't put on specials faces for this one or that one. I say what I mean and mean it when I say it. I demand your personal best and will accept no less. I am constant.
* dari`na{KK} smiles............All rooms dari was in before would say the same thing to her at that time, Maser Saxus, Mistres Dia
Saxus: I think its because in part.. we don't care about someones history...
Dia: Yes, but have we proven it?
Saxus: we give everyone a new start, a chance if you like
dari`na{KK}: yes Mistress
Dia: There you go then. :)
Dia: Actions speak louder than words.
dari`na{KK}: yes Mistress
Saxus: a common theme dari in all home...
Saxus: they say "join our family"
Saxus: but it doesn't exist...they want it to but those their are usually working on their own schemes and not the home as a whole
Saxus: here in KK... it does exist I think
Saxus: and the fact Ty will beat the shit outta em
dari`na{KK}: lol
* Dia laughs.
*Ty`nan chuckles
Saxus: how many times have we heard it... KK is disney... KK is this... KK is that..
Saxus: but say as they like.. it works
Dia: They still come!
Saxus: yes in some ways we've gone from the books.... or looked deeper into them than some
Dia: Following the books verbatim is not healthy in my opinion.
Saxus: on Gor... there is a single currency... females, be they Free or slave...and to that KK holds true
Dia: You think the women sell gor?
Saxus: if.. you look through Gor through the eyes of one Man...Norman as he wrote them... it would be like trying to take in all of the USA by looking through a straw
* Dia grins.
Dia: Agreed.
Saxus: who is to say a home such as KK didn't exist... that there was not a Woman addicted to pink furs, or a kajira called dari writing up a homes history
dari`na{KK}: gawd lets hope that other dari didn't exist, that would just be to dari is too many
* Saxus grins... and on irc.. is their a finer home than KK
Dia: KK is like a melting pot of different personalities... we are unique in our way, yet we mesh.
dari`na{KK}: none Master
Saxus: EXACLTYY Dia!!!
* dari`na{KK} smiles as she listens to Them
Saxus: diversity makes it work....
Saxus: the Ty's to scare the crap outta people.... and the Dia's to listen to them... and all shades in between
Dia: Odd how the scarer and the listener bonded. lol
*Ty`nan chuckles
dari`na{KK}: how did that happen?
Ty`nan: she had a big damn bat
*Ty`nan smirks
* dari`na{KK} giggles
Dia: It was pink too!
Dia: He has it now.
* Dia grins.
Ty`nan: she makes Me laugh.
Ty`nan: and she's a good woman
Dia: I adore him, dari.
Ty`nan: how many more quesitons slut
dari`na{KK}: questions? she was suppose to have some ready?
*Ty`nan grins
dari`na{KK}: ok, Master Ty wants to get this done with, so............what is the One thing that You would tell Any new person coming to gor to hold to, to be able to make it in this rough world?
Dia: Be true to themselves.
Ty`nan: hm
Dia: That is something that I would say to anyone at all times though, not just coming to gor.
Ty`nan: be what you are to the fullest, respect Gor as it is, as it should be and live it that way. If you can't, you don't belong here.
Dia: Many people come to gor and do not even know themselves completely... they make rash decisions. I would perhaps also suggest that they wait before choosing anything.
Saxus: to listen, to learn... and to trust with caution
dari`na{KK}: dari can think of a million questions, yet, none seem right
dari`na{KK}: besides, she is sure You would like to have some fun tonite too, not just boring questions
*Ty`nan grins
Ty`nan: just ask girl
* Saxus smiles
dari`na{KK}: well how big is Your..........wait......ummmmmmmm kk, seriously, all that dari wants now, is to know if there is anything You wish dari, or anyone else reading this interview/history to know about YOu
Saxus: what you need to do dari is simply listen to people.. question them... and stick it all together... but don't forget I came from Krypton and have a flying suit
dari`na{KK}: *and that was how big is Your hands*.......honestly
*Ty`nan laughs
Dia: I would rather people get to know me on a more personal level than with something they read on the webpage.
* Saxus rises and takes his hands to the shower.... time for bed here
Dia: Your hands?
* dari`na{KK} giggles
Dia: What about the rest of you?
* dari`na{KK} fans her little face thinking of His hands
Ty`nan: don't piss Me off
*Ty`nan grins
Ty`nan: that's what they need to know

Koroban Kaverns Gazette, January 2003


Collared Kajira

The slave cannot free herself. She can be freed only by an owner. The condition of slavery does not require the collar, or the brand, or an anklet, bracelet or ring, or any such overt sign of bondage. Such things, as symbolic as they are, as profoundly meaningful as they are, and as useful as they are for marking properties, identifying masters, and such, are not necessary to slavery. They are, in effect, though their affixing can legally effect imbondment, ultimately, in themselves, tokens of bondage, and are not to be confused with the reality itself. The uncollared slave is not then a free woman but only a slave who is not then in a collar.

Renegades of Gor - Page 273 ~ Dancer of Gor, page 180 ~

so`leil{KK}, emily{KK}, holly{KK}, selene{KK}, tendre{KK}, amilia{KK}, juli`anna{KK}
assesment collars -

Question: How long have you been on Gor?
emily{KK}: This one has been on Gor for a little over a month now..
Question: How did you find Gor?
emily{KK}: This one has known about Gor for about a year now.. and has had some conversations with those of Gor.. but em guesses that she can say that Gor found her.. because she hasn't wanted to leave..
Question: What is your silk level?
emily{KK}: white
Question: How did you come to make KK Your Home?
emily{KK}: This one was visiting KK one night.. er, observing.. Master Saxus was in a christmassy jovial mood.. Master Ty`nan was scaring em to death.. then during one of em's startled silences.. Master Saxus placed a training collar around her neck.. hmmmm, emily thinks this happened within an ahn (right time?) *smiles*
Question: What do you plan on brining to the home to make it better?
emily{KK}: ohhh em doesn't know how to answer this question.. is there a slave's fifth amendment or something? which is basically all i can bring to KK now.. attentiveness, willingness to learn and
Question: What do you hope to gain, by belonging to KK?
emily{KK}: This one has also found that sensuality is a theme within the Home that she loves, and hopes to learn to be able to express more openly. Learning to improve and embrace her nature are added incentives as well as friendship, a sense of family, and getting to know the people of this Home.
Question: How old are you?
emily{KK}: This one is 41
Question: Where are you from in this world?
emily{KK}: From this world?.. em hopes you are referring to Earth, if so, she lives in Georgia.. if not, em would like to believe that shock caused amnesia, and she sincerely hopes that she will remember one day *winks*.. especially since her knowledge of Gor is very limited..
Question: What do you do for work?
emily{KK}: This one sells retreat and wellness workshops mainly to yoga instructors, fitness centers, martial arts, etc... no, she is not yogic, but is learning to stretch quite well J..
Question: What are your main interests?
emily{KK}: My son.. learning more about myself.. anything outdoors (welll, except camping).. looking at the mountains.. writing.. and ummm, interests that would embarrass this one to see in writing J
Question: What is your Favourite Movie?
emily{KK}: Disney's Mulan (em doesn't get to watch anything rated over PG at this time)
Question: What is your Favourite Book? Overall and gor book?
emily{KK}: DaVinci Code; and Gor Book:.. em has only read Book 7, Captive of Gor (until her file got corrupted); Book 19, Kajira of Gor and some of Dancers of Gor.. considering, em believes she liked Book 19, certain parts she didn't like.
Question: What is your Favourite song?
emily{KK}: This one had a friend write and record a song for her called "Peace Across the Void" that she loves J
Question: Which is better, Chocolate or Chips?
emily{KK}: No choice, Chocolate J.. the smooth, melt in your mouth, lick your lips type of chocolate..
Question: Who makes it on your desert island list?
emily{KK}: One, my son.. how many does em get to bring? (smiles)

Question: How long have you been on Gor?
holly{KK}: Since '98 - '99ish, off and on
Question: How did you find Gor?
holly{KK}: Was chatting with some acquaintences in a D/s chatroom on C'serve. In enters this girl that painted a beautiful pictures with the words she wrote and when she entered everyone stop and watched as she elogantly lite up every word she laid. As quick as she entered she was gone and all holly could say when she left was, "What was that??" holly was told that, 'that' was a kajira of Gor, and that's when this quest began.
Question: What is your silk level?
holly{KK}: low level yellow silk
Question: How did you come to make KK Your Home?
holly{KK}: After the irons that holly wore for a long time were removed she didn't really know where to go. Traveling isn't exactly that easy for an uncollared slave so she didn't go anywhere for awhile. Then she tested waters here and there and when she entered KK, everyone was always kind to her and the feeling that the people there, really enjoyed being there, was evident so holly kept coming back.
Question: What do you brining to the home to make it better?
holly{KK}: Hope that she might somehow give a smile and/or make someone's day a little bit brighter. Question: What do you hope to gain, by belonging to KK?
holly{KK}: A re-awakening of what was so dear to a girl before. The unexplainable feeling of pure joy that a slave has when she ~feels~ her slavery. A place where she can embrace that of what is inside of her and set it free again.
Question: How old are you?
holly{KK}: 30.1. holly moved to the decimal system last year and will be 30.2 next month.
Question: Where are you from in this world?
holly{KK}: "From" The Netherlands, but resides in Georgia. An imported peach. :)
Question: What do you do for work?
holly{KK}: Scheduler is what she is paid to do, her main job and joy in life is her son and husband. The pay sucks, but the benefits are the best.
Question: What are your main interests?
holly{KK}: Good coffee. Good book. Good hot bath. Good se.. Um, life. holly is easily amused so she finds life quite interesting in itself. It's ups and downs. People. People are hysterical when they're not being mean. S&M is a darker interest. holly is an odd cookie who doesn't fit into pre-set molds but she does have a fond interest in sadomasochism.
Question: What is your Favourite Movie?
holly{KK}: Sound of Music. Quills. Pirates of the Carribean. Truth about Cats and Dogs. Pick one, they all tie for first for holly.
Question: What is your Favourite Book? Overall and gor book?
holly{kk}: "The Marketplace" by Laura Antoniou. "Slave Girl of Gor." (naturally)
Question: What is your Favourite song?
holly{KK}: "We Danced Anyway." Deana Carter. holly like the lyrics. "Eyes Without a Face." Billy Idol. holly still wants to have his baby. "Hey Ya" Outkast It's too perky to not like.
Question: Which is better, Chocolate or Chips?
holly{KK}: Chocolate
Question: Who makes it on your desert island list?
holly{KK}: Master Hubby. he is her best friend. Sean Connery. After his hair turned white though. He just looked like he had big ears when he was Bond but he's beyond sexy now. Johnny Depp. Gotta like a man that marches to his own drum. Catherine Zeta Douglas. she is the epitome of beautiful.

Question: How long have you been on Gor?
selene{KK}: A little over two years now.
Question: How did you find Gor?
selene{KK}*laughs* at the insistence of an rl friend. He knew of Gor, was a Master here, He told her all about it for months and she kept blowing Him off about it all. He came and installed mirc on her computer and she no longer had an excuse. She had planned to visit, say hello to appease His nagging and then leave. *grins* she hasn't gotten to the leave part yet!
Question: What is your silk level?
selene{KK}: She is considered high yellow.
Question: How did you come to make KK Your Home?
selene{KK}: selene{KK}: she has always visited KK, ever since she first learned of Gor. She has always admired the serves, the sensuality and at times sexuality of the girls here. She is good with sensual, it's the sexual part she lacks. After begging release and wandering a little she visited here one night, was put through her paces, and just as she was thinking "lord if this is what they expect, she won't visit too often" she found herself begging the homes collar! *laughs*
Question: What do you brining to the home to make it better?
selene{KK}: Mmm, a slave is able to make the home better? Well she certainly does not wish to make it worse!! Her sense of humour, though at times it can be dry and cutting (and get her into trouble). Also she brings a sense of self and a comfort in her submission and her loyalty. And she loves to help, so anything she is able to do, she will.
Question: What do you hope to gain, by belonging to KK?
selene{KK}: Honestly, how to be a KK girl. she has always thought of KK girls as some of the best upon Gor, their dancing, serving, etc. She wishes to train, learn and grow and become though of in the same vein as her sisters.
Question: How old are you?
selene{KK}: 30
Question: Where are you from in this world?
selene{KK}: The land of Oz! *laughs* she would often say that to Master's who would think that she didn't want them to know where she was. She is in Sydney, Australia
Question: What do you do for work?
selene{KK}: Work at getting a direct sales business up and running from home. You know the annoying late night infomercials, we sell those type of gadgets (and do some infomercials too)
Question: What are your main interests?
selene{KK}: Working on websites, doing anything that keeps my mind occupied really, that, and playing with my dog.
selene{KK}: Oh gosh no, the dreaded favourites questions! She is dreadful at answering these, trying to pick just one thing, but she will give it a go.
Question: What is your Favourite Movie?
selene{KK}: Now that's a tough one, only because I can enjoy a movie for so many different reasons.
selene{KK}: Favourite to make me cry, "City of Angels", followed closely by "Pay it Forward".
selene{KK}: Favourite girly movie, "Grease" (is a childhood thing).
selene{KK}: Ohh, and I have this really corny B, even C grade movie that I love because it's so corny called, "The Pirate Movie."
Question: What is your Favourite Book? Overall and gor book?
selene{KK}: *laughs* you will laugh, but I've no idea of the name of it, it a book of a friend of mine where children were being training to battle in a war between earth and a planet far away, there was this one boy, who excelled, took all the challenge and became the best for his thinking and such. Long story short, they weren't training the kids strictly speaking, they used this boy, what he was showing them and replicating it in the deep space battles to win the war. Many issues were touched on, the boy went through so much once finding out he was responsible for thousands of deaths. But I've no clue of the name of it.
Question: Favourite that I do know the name of?
selene{KK}: When Rabbit Howls, by Trudy Chase
Question: Favourite Gor book?
selene{KK}: That one is easy, Hunters
Question: What is your Favourite song?
selene{KK}: Keep It Precious, by Melissa Etheridge and (Butterfly Kisses, by Bob Carslile)
Question: Which is better, Chocolate or Chips?
selene{KK}: Chocolate, it doesn't get stuck in your teeth like chips can!
Question: Who makes it on your desert island list?
selene{KK}: *grins* the One who owns me.

Question: How long have you been on Gor?
tender{KK}: 17 months
Question: How did you find Gor?
tender{KK}: Wandered around in the subbie rooms for nearly six weeks, had seen the gor rooms, and been warned against them from people within the sub rooms.. but finally tendre popped into KK one day.. and popped right back out again.. hhehe.. but luckily a Master pulled her back in.. and has been with Gor ever since.
Question: What is your silk level?
tender{KK}: Red Silk
Question: How did you come to make KK Your Home?
tender{KK}: When tendre first visited KK, Mistress Ashaia took this girl under her wing.. and just showed tendre .. what a lovely warm place it was.. The people and the mood/ environment..
Question: What do you brining to the home to make it better?
tender{KK}: a cheerful smile / a listening ear when needed / a shoulder to cry if needed / -a girl who desires nothing more than to please a Free in which ever way they should need.
Question: What do you hope to gain, by belonging to KK?
tender{KK}: A better understanding of herself. A better understanding of what all this ( Gor ) means. Maybe a way to actually better herself.
Question: How old are you?
tender{KK}: 33
Question: Where are you from in this world?
tender{KK}: Born in Montana, grew up in Minnesota, currently living in Netherlands
Question: What do you do for work?
tender{KK}: In the USA worked in Nursing LPN / And also went to college full time for RN. / In Netherlands tendre does not work… she is house mom and wife to a very wonderful man.
Question: What are your main interests?
tender{KK}: Family / Gor / Pc Games / cross stitch / reading / movies / as of late .. really discovering info about herself.
Question: What is your Favourite Movie?
tender{KK}: BraveHeart
Question: What is your Favourite Book? Overall and gor book?
tender{KK}: Dancer of Gor .. hrm .. guesses that would have to .. hm is a tough one too tendre has a few .. Gone with the wind / The Green Mile / LOVES anything by Stephan King / Dean Koontz / Daniel Steel /
Question: What is your Favourite song?
tender{KK}: Way to many to list !!! :o)
Question: Which is better, Chocolate or Chips?
tender{KK}: Definitely chocolate
Question: Who makes it on your desert island list?
tender{KK}: Mel Gibson / George Clooney / Sean Connery / Daniel Day Lewis / Mel Gibson / Tom Cruise / Mel Gibson Ohhh did tendre mention Mel Gibson ? :op