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From 2001 to 2017, Koroban Kaverns managed a home site with membership information, basic gorean information, and training modules.

These are replicas of homepages from published 2001-2017.*  Not quite known to the majority is that the KK website was maintained by ja`lyssa{Sax} with the tremendous help of kai{Sav}, clarissa{Sax}, gabrielle{KK} and Master Savage and other ladies throughout the years.   Click on images below to view.

*Webs does not reproduce same visuals with the exact transfer of file code and due to almost zero knowledge of HTML and Java script of this map site owner,  these pages were recreated as close possible to the original.

Years unknown. 

Definitely a precursor to 2004-2006 home sites. Possibly a separate training resource site in use from 2001 to 2004. 

by Savage, bri'elle{KK}, kai{Sav}, ah`lana{Ty}

hosted by Geocities

Key feature:

 Comprehensive resource material 

for training purposes.

by {aveena}Akas`, clarissa{Sax}

circa 2001/2004

hosted by Angelfire

Key feature: 

First Kavern home site focusing on members, membership rules and Gorean information.

by ja`lyssa {Sax}

circa 2004/2006

hosted by Geocities

Key feature: 

Wholistic home site combining member information, house rules, Gorean information,

 training modules and resources.

 by ja`lyssa{Sax}

Final page in 2017

hosted in private server

Key feature:  

Repository of 17 years of membership records.

Home page during the transition period. marking Saxus as founder.