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Kavern interior drawn by a friend. 

Dancing sands, waterfalls, gardens and more.

" It was constructed of the finest marble, standing tall and proud amongst the cylinders of Koroba." 

" We wish you safe travels and welcome rest when visiting our Home, Koroban Kaverns."

Wednesday, 7 July 2010
Gorean Alliance Meeting 7-6-2010

transcript at

[19:39] <@Saxus-Meeting> for the record.. could we state which home we represent.. either as owner or designated representative

<@Saxus-Meeting> Saxus of Koroba Kaverns

<@Je`Anna`> I represent Grass&Ear

<@Tynian> Hammersgaard Lodge, Inn of Four Swords, BloodRose Tavern

<@DamienThor> DamienThor of Ko-Ro-Ba

<@Tynian> Owner, Rep, Rep

<@Stormy_> WolfClan and Land of Goreans

<@Oryx> tLi, and also IFS

<@Cernunos-meeting> Cernunos of Cathaoir_Castle and I am also under contract as punisher of Tharna

<@Stormy_> REP REP

<@Warlok> Warlok of Koroban Kaverns

<@GhostHunter> Jungle Pines and Treve

 <@Kal-Meeting> Collar and Chain falcoseyrie

<@Kal-Meeting> owner rep

<@Rose-Meeting> Rose of Koroban Kaverns

<@GreyHawk> Owner of Falcos Eyrie

<@Mitzie> Mitzie representing Gor Black Tarn

<@Wolf-Meeting> SnowWolf and Caleigh representing Twin Quiva Camp

 * @Oryx will tell the Arrans what went on


<@Kal-Meeting>,<@GH-meeting>,<@GhostHunter-meeting>, <@Wolf-Meeting>,* @Cernunos, <Zanisa>, <@LadyR-meeting>,<Jennen>,<@Storm-meeting>,<Chenoa`>, <@Ash`meeting>,<@Strake> <Wulfstan>, <@HADES_> ,<@CamillusFShld>, <MCurr> 

[19:43] <@Saxus-Meeting> Gor has become smaller.. and turned in a great deal on itself... we're quite a small community now.. and damn we found a way to turn Gor into a place where you never knew who was friend and who was Foe...

[19:44] <@Saxus-Meeting> I may.. in some small way have contributed in a very limited way to how it is today... and I for one would like to see Gor.. not so much united.. as it never was... but one which will come together at times... let girls visit unharassed and permit FW travel...

September 30, 2020

Master, a girl asked: "How and why?"
Saxus: " There is reason why people come here. Learn what it is, and remember, it will always be about relationships."   (2010)

Koroban Kaverns is an online community made of individuals all over the world from different walks of life with shared interests in some aspects of Gorean thought stemming from  John Norman's Gorean saga of novels.  Over the years the distinction between 'people by the book'  and the rest of the so-called 'roleplayers' blurred, resulting in the amalgamation of both and the creation of a community of acceptance and tolerance to each others uniqueness, knowledge and level of mastery. 

Its beginnings started around the late 1990s when internet relay chat or IRC, a purely text platform preceding the world of smart phones and video chat, was the hottest thing in the then limited world of social media.  Koroban Kaverns was hosted throughout the years by Ausnet, Bondage, Cufflinks/Chatters/ Bondage International, and Chatters again after the instability of the irc server network was resolved.

According to Gor online legend, Koroban Kaverns was given to a then young Master, by a Free Woman. The exact year of this transition is not known, but it is said that in 1997, several pirates left the Oasis of Kasbah in the Shifting Sands.*    

"Saxus the Slaver, sometimes Pirate, studied Gor of His day, looking to see what others were doing, then assessed what would most make Him happy. 
He avoided the Taverns, the Inns and the other commonalities. 
He wanted a Home."
(Kavernscribbler, 2010)

By 2001, this young Master became known as Saxus, the Slaver of Ko-ro-ba, founder of Koroban Kaverns. The KK community grew to be the largest Gorean gathering online in the largest IRC server dedicated to adult interests, Koroban Kaverns remained under the helm of Saxus, for another 15 years, even beyond the lifespan of the server, until a turn of life changing events.  

Saxus was a man that was easy to get along with, and can be said to be a lighter version of a Gorean master vis-a-vis old school by-the-book Free persons. He was an outstanding leader with goals of harmoniously growing the already shrinking online Gorean community via a spirit of collaboration with other Gorean Home owners and leaders. Saxus was a master with strength of character and integrity. He had a great sense of humour and always had a listening ear for KK girls, Free Women and Free Men. To a great extent, his style of mastery through strength with a velvet glove earned him the adoration of women, free or slave. Among the men, he was a respected Ubar and sat among Ubars of the community in equal footing.

Sometime after July of 2015, Saxus disappeared,  missing Halloween and Christmas, which was most unusual since he was always present during KK events. His prolonged absence became the darkest period in KK's history.  

By mid 2016, the home experienced a chain of inner tumultuous events, bearing heavily upon its Keepers and slaves. Adding hurt to injury was the advent of a scrupulous master as first sword, the Himalayan or shall we say the Voltai blunder of all time.  Rumors of Saxus' unconfirmed death circulated in the community soon after and in a last ditch effort to save the Home, owner keys changed hands marking the second era of the Kaverns. For the first time, KK had a new owner with Saxus marked as founder. 

Adding to an already troubled and struggling home were consecutive server crashes that required jumping from server to server numerous times.  All these together exacted its toll in the home. Family members started separating by the end of 2016 toward the beginning of 2017 and the flame and slaveheart that kept the Home throughout more than a decade vanished in despair. 

All throughout the server crashes and years of silence between 2017 to 2020, was an ubiquitous ever-present master that kept the Kavern's channel registration.  In his words, "stupid sumbitch wouldn't let the Kaverns go and idled for 3 years." 

Today, in 2020, Koroban Kaverns is re-established by OdinsRune, a former First Sword. KK now reconnects old people of Gor and new individuals once more with the beginning of the 3rd era of Koroban Kaverns.  

*Kasbah in the Shifting Sands home server was probably at handcuffs  or

On October 24, 2020, an archival collection of  Koroban Kaverns materials throughout the years, including previous websites, newspapers, festivals and contests, training manuals, Keepers' memorials, dances and more, was launched by enya in collaboration with Mahdi at   This archive project is dedicated to Master Saxus and to those who have contributed to Koroban Kaverns.