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In Memoriam Saxus

It is 2020, and it has been 5 years since Master Saxus disappeared from the Kaverns. Rumors circulated about his death but it remains to be confirmed. He may return, or he might not. 

Despite this situation, I am dedicating this page to Master Saxus, ja`lyssa {Sax} and kamna{Sax}, and to all who loved him.  May your memories bring you joy knowing that in this life, we've shared part of our lives with this Man, named Saxus. 

This page is a work in progress.  If you would like to share some words and/or favorites quotes of lines by Master Saxus, kindly send a note via the form below.  Thank you. 

For You, Master Saxus... 

from Your enya /enya{KK} por siempre

yet on a lighter note...

Master Saxus, if this is a Ragnar Lothbrok Vikings season 3 final episode, the best ever bite in the entire universe awaits Your return!

On October 24, 2020, an archive collection of  Koroban Kaverns materials throughout the years, including previous websites, newspapers, festivals and contests, training manuals, Keepers' memorials, dances and more, was launched by enya in collaboration with Mahdi at  

This archive project is dedicated to Master Saxus and to those who have contributed to Koroban Kaverns.

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5 January 2022, heavenlydemon

I met Saxus once over 20 years ago when I bore Malice's collar. Back then I went by {sin}Malice. He was jovial, personable, funny and overall nice. Even when He booted Malice because Her 'beast' needed a lil taming and She stood up for me. I still found myself grateful for it, as He taught me a lesson about learning my place right proper. Thank you Saxus. I didn't know you long, but I'm better for knowing you a little. Wherever you may be, may you be enjoying life.

11 March 2021, Julianne 
There is so much to say about you dear dear Charmer but that is my memories over the ten years before you just was gone.  i loved and love you still and misses you. time heal but the sadness of you not being there do not. you knew me in way none have so thank you for loving me all this years, as you said for better or worse you are mine .and one place of me is always yours no matter what hope you are alive and well flirting and smiling. the idea that you are not i can't grasp it hurts to much. love you Saxus.

12 February 2021, Smoking Coyote 

I visited KK a few times. The slaves were welcoming. Saxus is a fellow countryman but in real life we never met. He was a man of great appetite, but he was always a good host friendly and welcoming. I have good memories of him.

31 December 2020, Lu'kel

I met Saxus so many years ago I cannot even remember how long it was. Am sure I was young and unafraid at the time. But KK was my first Gorean Home and the time I had there I enjoyed. I met my first Gorean slave in KK which was a blessing and to this day we are good friends. I met many other good people in that channel too who remain friends to this day. Saxus was funny and entertaining so wherever he is I hope he is making people laugh.

30 November 2020, Saltor

Saxus offered me a Home, friendship and many lessons on being a Man. Though we parted on not so good terms, I always went back to KK, just to see him, dance on and forever flourish that hat, drink a beer and bring in the ladies wherever you may be!!!

19 October 2020, Falaria
I met Saxus when I first visited KK & before I went there I was warned to watch myself around him, but nobody would explain why. What I discovered was a truly delightful man, who is/was warm & gracious to those he liked. I love his delightfully wicked sense of humor. And his hats!!! How can anyone forget all of his audacious hats that he would wear. Saxus & his girls always made me feel so welcome in KK, even if there were others in there I couldn't stand or who couldn't stand me. Oh the stories & jokes we would tell. He also was so caring to lend me shoulder to cry on if I needed it. I hope & pray that the rumors are untrue & he is just having so much fun with his life & his hats. I wish you most well, my friend. You are greatly missed. 

19 October 2020, Ravenheart

I fear I might speak too much of the Man who helped Form My Stature but He truly is Missed.

8 October 2020, Rass

I first encountered Saxus in Kas(h)bah in the Shifting Sands to the best of my knowledge, just thinking back on that brings so many memories in itself. If you're reading this my Friend I hope all is well with your new path.

8 October 2020, Wulfstan

I ran across KK in about 2000-2001.

There has been many times good and bad. in agreement and not. allied and not.I would like to share with all of you a log I have that most definitely shown the man's character, humor and wit. 

02/Jun/12 05:30 * Joins: Saxus` ([email protected])

02/Jun/12 05:30 * +vella{A}-AFK looks to the door and smiles

05:31 * Saxus` wanders in...

05:32 * Saxus` grins.. seeing all asleep... he pulls out the sack and starts filling it with all the good stuff left lying around... leaving receipts of course signed by BlackThorn...

05:39 * Wulfstan-|Chambers| is now known as Wulfstan

05:39 <~Wulfstan> Tal Brother

05:40 * ~Wulfstan snags Saxus

05:41 * ~Wulfstan nudges him to put the stuff back or be Jailed in the city dungeons

05:42 * ~Wulfstan laughs as Saxus was caught holding the bag

05:44 <~Wulfstan> Abarus CCage Saxus`

05:44 * @Abarus Grabs Saxus` then drags Saxus` to the Center Cage of the 3 hanging cages then forces Saxus` in the cage and locks it

05:44 <@Abarus> now Saxus` change your nick to Saxus` -Caged

05:44 * ~Wulfstan grins as he looks at his Brother now behind Bars

05:44 <~Wulfstan> BUSTED

05:46 * ~Wulfstan attaches a chain to the cage and pulls it over the firepit warming up the cage so Saxus dont Get chilly and Grins

05:46 * ~Wulfstan tosses some wood on to the firepit so the flames rise

05:47 * ~Wulfstan sits back Grins Wide and Waits

05:47 <Saxus`> dammit Wulfstan.. I forgot I was here!!

05:48 * ~Wulfstan laughs so hard his sides are splitting

05:48 * Saxus` reads that book on "how to become rich through burglary in 100 easy lessons again

05:48 * Saxus` mutters and tosses it away..

05:48 * ~Wulfstan points to the publisher`s name

05:48 <~Wulfstan> Kalteim

05:48 <~Wulfstan> LOL

05:48 * Saxus` grins.. figures


05:49 * ~Wulfstan puts all of his Belongs back

05:49 <Saxus`> he was sending me hysterical botmails for a time

05:49 * Saxus` helps him...

05:49 <~Wulfstan> Abarus RemCCage Saxus`

05:49 * @Abarus unlocks the center Cage and allows only Saxus` to step out of the cage and then locks it again.

05:49 <@Abarus> now Saxus` Remove -Caged from your nick

05:49 * Saxus` blows off the picture of Karissa-|Chambers| and wipes off the breasts he drew on her

05:49 * ~Wulfstan grins

05:50 * Saxus` sets it back onto the mantlepiece

05:50 <~Wulfstan> so

05:51 <~Wulfstan> feeling a bit poor??

05:51 <~Wulfstan> KK need new furs again

05:51 * Karissa-|Chambers| is now known as Karissa

05:51 <~Wulfstan> and Karissa is here

05:51 <Saxus`> I find a bit of thievery and skullduggery starts the day right Bro

05:52 * ~Wulfstan nods

05:52 <~Wulfstan> you know i should come by and play this log on your next birthday

05:52 <Saxus`> all that climbing up drain pipes is as good a work out as anything

05:52 * ~Wulfstan smiles

05:53 * Saxus` gasps.. now thats not a good thing Brother o mine

05:53 <@Karissa> Good Morning Brother Saxus`

05:53 <~Wulfstan> you can not tell me people will not laugh like hell seeing you get caught as you did

05:54 * Saxus` mutters...

05:54 <~Wulfstan> thank you for brighting up my YEAR

05:54 <Saxus`> Karissa.. my sweet.. my dove.. get to Wulfstan puter and pour water into the hard drive

05:54 <@Karissa> playing with My breasts I see

05:55 <~Wulfstan> nope goes on my flash drive

05:55 <~Wulfstan> permement record

.======== End OF File =========

6 October 2020, Demoness

I met Saxus way back in 2006, when He took Me in as a KK slave, I enjoyed My time in the Home and have come back to it again and again over the years as it has always been Home to Me. I hope the rumours are false and that He is still alive and kicking, but alas, for now all I have are My wonderful memories! 

I wish you well, ~D~

6 October 2020, Triac

Sax taught me much, supported me in most things and has always been a friend. If indeed he is gone, he is surely missed.

5 October 2020, Radnor

I often wonder what happened to Saxus . I think he would remember Me. I was a member in KK for a while it was the home everyone wanted to be part of. I remember his lovely girls and the up/down times. I hope where ever he is he is happy and in peace. That was when Gor was Gor no mistaking that.

5 October 2020, tendre
So many stories I could tell. Mostly all good. I knew Saxus for a very long time. The best times I remember in Gor, he was part of it. He made me laugh until I cried. I will never forget his Sugar Plum dance, or his Hat, or the lessons he taught me in friendship and in love. He was many things but mainly he was a man who brought people together...good times and bad times he was Saxus. Where ever he may be, I hope he has a beer in his hand and a lovely lady on his lap.

5 October 2020, GreyCelt

What to say, well Saxus and I came to Koroban Kaverns together at the demise of Kasbah in the Shifting Sands (KiSS), determined to make KK as honourable as our old Home on ircGor had been. In those days it was relatively easy, the Gorean ethos of honour, honesty and being able to hold ones head up highreigned supreme, sadly missing in the modern irc equivalent of Gor.

W, Saxus and I, promised to each other, that whichever of Us survived the other would give His Friend the honour of a memorial service in Koroban Kaverns, sadly not something that I can any longer do so I hope this short oratory will make up for that failing.

Do I miss Salty...damn right I do. Do I hope all the stories of your death are wrong, of course I do. Do I hope you, like Me, just got fed up of all the games, back stabbing, lying and cheating that is ircGor today...of course I do, come back My Friend and lets make Gor like it used to be.

To lyssa, kammy and enya I send you My love and best wishes and I'm joined in those wishes by your sisters in servitude electra, breeze and by Ravenhearts ex girl now known as elaina.

Thank you


5 October 2020, A|dric

I had a rocky relationship with Mr Sticky Fingers, as did many, but one thing all can agree on, he was fun to be around. Who can forget his patented table top chicken dance?? always a classic. Where ever you are Saxus, dance on !!

5 October 2020, Wo|f
He is truly missed by all of us in KK. We wish him well, wherever he be.

5 October 2020, Rhage 

Above all Saxus was a great friend, though sometimes were at war, though it was the gorean way.

4 October 2020, Mahdi
What to say?
I do miss Him.
He guided me around in His Home made sure I felt at home as well. And the Home brought me elena (who is) still with me..