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Jungles of Schendi

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Schendi, a free port with a large harbor measuring eight pasangs wide and three pasangs deep, lies at the coastal shores of the Thassa sea, slightly south of the Gorean equator.rean equator.  It is bordered by the Schendi Equatorial Jungles located at the tropical equatorial region of the planet Gor. The  Free Port of Schendi sits some four pasangs away from the Point of Schendi.

Before reaching the free port of Schendi, mariners foretell their proximity to Schendi via brownish stains some thirty to forty pasangs out at sea.  These stains are outflows of inland sediments from the rivers Kamba at the north and Nyoka at the south.  

The Nyoka or ‘the serpent’,    flows out into the eastern side of Schendi harbour then into the Thassa. The width of the Nyoka river found two pasangs north of Schendi free port, is constricted by embankments to protect the port. Kamba or ‘the rope’, flows directly into the Thassa.  Both the Nyoka and Kamba Rivers drain Lake Ushindi.
Four hundred pasangs eastward is Lake NgaoLake Ngao, meaning ‘shield’ is oval in shape, is the second of the great sub-equatorial lakes of Gor and is as large or larger than Lake Ushindi.

To the west of Lake Ngao and east of Lake Ushindi are thousands square pasangs of marshes.  On the northeast coast of Lake Ngao are lake coastal villages of Ukungu. Nyundo is a central village in the villages of Ukungu.

A hundred pasangs eastward from Lake Ngao is the Falls and Cataracts of Bila Huruma, on the Ua river or flower river. The Ua river is a great river as vast as the Vosk River, mighty and full of cataracts numbering at least eleven.

North of the the Ua River are the Ven Highlands, where the Thassa Cartius river, source of the Vosk river, flows from.  From Ushindi to the Thassa Cartius, around Ua and toward Lake Shaba are several river tribes. Some known river tribes are the Mamba or the Tharlarion people, the Talunas or white skinned jungle girls and the pygmies or small people, slaves to the Talunas.