Map of Gor


Science and Fantasy ART

This is a selection of some animals and monsters of Gor presented by published illustrations, either as a book cover or interior page art.  Some of these are are copies of original pre-press artwork while others are scans from published books.  Images are courtesy of Jon Ard  and The Complete John Norman. All images are subject to artists' and publishers' copyright.

Animals of Gor

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Artists in body of work presented in this page and their linked biographies: 


Philippe Adamov

Mark Avers

Gino D'Achille

Chris Achilleos

Jim Burns

S. Shikin

Lars Szatko

Motochiro Takebe

Boris Vallejo

Jean-Louis Verdier

Kenneth Waters

Cirque Studios

Jewel and Frasier


Monsters of Gor

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