Map of Gor



New Map of Gor from Books 1 to 30

Developing this all new and original illustrative Map of Gor based on books 1 to 30 of John Norman's Gorean Saga started  in 2010, at a time when the first 26 books of Gor were newly joined by Prize of  Gor and Kur of Gor in 2008 and 2009.  Since then, five other books have been published, with another in the offing, and this poses a challenge to keeping in step with the geography of the world of Gor. 

Yet, even as the map work continues, take a look at our interpretation of the Oases of the Tahari's location, or discover the new islands of Chio, Thera and Daphna, the Vine Sea and the Alexandra River, which are found in the adventurous tales of  Swordsmen of Gor and Mariners of Gor. 

These maps were drawn from scratch as a result of reading the books, and by cross referencing text in several books at a time, when necessary. Locations, otherwise found in other maps found in the web, but not found in the books, are not included in our map. Areas without precise locations in the text are subject to interpretation based on tracing story lines.
enya{KK} would like to thank her sisters for their participation in this project, specially zahra{KK} and gala{KK}, for their support, for painstakingly reading, scouring and researching the books, and for their dedication, without which the creation of this map would have not been at all possible. 

Her thanks, too, to Master Hayal`Seyyal for lending his library collection for research purposes.  Thank you, Master Morgus. Though the discussions we've had may be rare and few, our talks and your passion have inspired this girl to strive for the best possible interpretation in creating this map direct from the source.

Last, but not the least, her sincere gratitude to Master Saxus, for without Him and His caring, there will not be this kajira named enya{KK}.